Level 5 Award in Organisational Resilience

Research of senior management opinions from BSI (British Standards Institute) in 2015 quotes nine in ten saw resilience as a priority for their business, while eight in ten believed it to be indispensable for long-term growth. The market in this area is also one which is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Evidence from marketing and social media indicates a trend for established consultancy providers to move away from traditional ‘business continuity’ or event-orientated approaches towards a more holistic and commercial outlook. From such a perspective, the concept of Resilience concerns the management of gradual, evolutionary change within a commercial context rather than responding to sudden and shocking events as covered in crisis management. This course is free to attend through webinars, with a certification fee for those wishing to gain formal qualification and certification.

Course syllabus:

  1. Context and Definitions

  2. Reasoning, Benefits and Case Studies

  3. The Organisational Resilience Capability Model (ORCM)

  4. Other key issues and ideas

  5. Application and implementation