Level 4 Award in Foundations of Security and Risk Management

The Level 4 programme is designed for Team Leaders and Operational managers, who want to have a better understanding of how to do their job in well-structured and professional manner, and also get a first professional qualification. As well as open courses, this programme can be run as an in-house programme for organisations that have scattered operation, and would like to develop a level of excellence in their front-line security management that is equal to any other aspect of their organisational management processes. One of the advantages of embedding this training into the security and risk management division is that not only does it create a team leader culture of excellence across the organisation, but it also cuts back radically on staff turn-over, as it turns what can be seen as a low-status, low-skilled job into the first rung of a professional career. This course is free to attend through webinars, with a certification fee for those wishing to gain formal qualification and certification.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction

  2. Basic Principles of Security Management

  3. Three Stage Risk Management Process

  4. Creating Risk Management Protocols

  5. The Five Risk Management Strategies

  6. Space and Territory (Security in Depth)

  7. Gold, Silver, Bronze Management System

  8. Hierarchy of Events

  9. Incident Response Management

  10. High Reliability Organisations

  11. Terrorism