Leaking Bid Information

This online training course on leaking bid information explores how supplier fraud can occur if bid information is leaked and focuses on recognition and prevention. The course is designed to raise awareness around competition laws and how it affects businesses and their employees. In particular, the course enables learners to identify the red flags, prevent supplier fraud and ensure compliance with competition laws. This course is set in our engaging Take 5 microlearning format and puts the learner through real-life scenarios to understand how bid information can be leaked and how it interferes with the bidding process. It is presented in a short, challenge format, designed to maximise learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Course syllabus:

  1. What is a bid information leak

  2. How do bid information leaks occur

  3. How does it enable supplier fraud

  4. What are the red flags to identify potential leaking of bid information

  5. What actions to take to minimise the risks of supplier fraud