Leaders in Citizen Security and Justice Management for the Caribbean

Learn about the latest in prevention, police and justice modernization, and social rehabilitation. The high rates of crime and violence are two of the main challenges that affect the citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean. That is why the public policies of citizen security are prioritized in the agendas of the governments of the region. To improve the effectiveness of these policies, it is essential to have an informed civil society making sure that social rights are respected and that the rule of law is fulfilled under a regime of democratic governance. Hence the importance of making this material available to the general public, which allows knowing both the theoretical concepts and what is currently being done in practice in terms of the implementation of citizen security and justice policies in the region.

Course syllabus:

  1. The main theoretical and conceptual frameworks of crime, violence and prevention

  2. Key elements for effective and efficient institutional management based on data

  3. Prevention models of youth violence and against women

  4. Key elements for police modernization and reform

  5. Alternatives for criminal justice and social reintegration policies