Jump Start: Maestro Hyperscale Network Security

In this course, you will learn about the Check Point Maestro Hyperscale Network Security solution, an innovative way to simplify your network security workflow orchestration and seamlessly scale up your existing security gateway infrastructure on demand. Traditional firewall solutions have proven to be difficult and cumbersome to dynamically scale up to meet unpredictable traffic patterns, as seen with Denial of Service attacks, new product launches, breaking news, or other sudden increase in demand for firewall processing capabilities. The Maestro solution allows a network administrator to leverage existing Check Point security gateway appliances, eliminating the expense of abandoning existing infrastructure. As need arises, additional security gateway appliances may be seamlessly added to the Maestro deployment, at which time existing traffic flows will be transparently reallocated as needed to include the newly-added resources to enforce your network security policies. Active/standby clusters are utilized to provide high availability, and traffic flows are distributed to all available security gateway resources to share the processing load.

Course syllabus:

  1. How to physically deploy the Orchestrator on your network

  2. How to configure the appliance

  3. How to use the standard SmartConsole application to implement your security policies for your networks

  4. How to monitor and troubleshoot a Maestro deployment