IQ Level 3 Hostile Enviroment Close Protection

The Hostile Enviroment Close Protection Course (Management), presents a modern approach to working in hostile environments on protective security details and close protection tasks. Through the privatisation of security within war-torn countries over the past decade, most reconstruction projects require the support of professional expat security providers from a contractual, legal and insurance requirement. Regrettably, there are many high-risk security operatives around the world today making supervisory or managerial decisions affecting Protective Security Details (PSD) who have no formal competency qualifications. As a result, both the security details and their principals may be placed at unnecessary risk of physical harm. The iSMTA Level 3 Hostile Environment Close Protection course has been designed to effectively deliver a first for management qualifications and train those required to manage operatives working within hazardous countries on protective security details and close protection tasks, and it provides recognition and certification as a Professional Hostile Environments Close Protection Manager, which adds value to the clients and builds on the operatives Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Course syllabus:

  1. Course Introduction

  2. Hostile Environments and Threats

  3. Hostile Environment Operations

  4. Operating Procedures & Modern Challenges

  5. The Close Protection Operative Being Modern

  6. Final Assignment