Private Investigator

The course covers surveillance techniques and circumstantial investigating, the two primary methods of gathering information within the private investigator industry. Upon completion you will understand the techniques and methodology to plan and carry out covert and overt operations as a private investigator.

Course syllabus:

  1. Contribute to effective workplace relationships

  2. Organise personal work priorities and development

  3. Maintain workplace safety in the Security Industry

  4. Prepare and present evidence in Court

  5. Work effectively in Investigative Services

  6. Develop an Investigative Plan

  7. Compile an Investigative Report

  8. Provide quality Investigative services to clients

  9. Conduct surveillance

  10. Organise and operate a surveillance vehicle

  11. Gather information by factual investigation

  12. Conduct interviews and take statements

  13. Store and protect information

  14. Operate information gathering equipment

  15. Locate subjects