Intruder and Perimeter Alarms

Brought to you by our sister company Tavcom Training, this Intruder Alarm online course has been specifically designed to give you the knowledge and understanding required to be able to design cost-effective systems that conform to the relevant international and national regulations. It will also give you the skills and ability necessary to service and maintain equipment at the component level. As with all our professionally conducted training courses, your designated tutor is on hand to guide you through the necessary explanation of the components, legislation, standards and practical projects assigned to allow you to design systems with compatible equipment that is properly graded.

Course syllabus:

  1. What are Intruder and Perimeter alarms Detection Systems

  2. Fundamentals of electronic principles

  3. Pan European Intruder Alarm Standards

  4. Wiring techniques, interconnections and free space transmission

  5. Detection devices

  6. Control and indicating equipment

  7. System signalling

  8. PIDS

  9. External detection techniques

  10. Fault finding and diagnostics