Introduction to Physical Security

Welcome to the iSMTA KickStart Introduction to Physical Security Management course that provides a basic introduction to Physical Security Protection. The objective of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to understand the function of physical security protection. This includes an understanding of common physical security measures, threats, risk reduction and good practice for students thinking about a career in physical security. The course will provide the student with enough detail to understand the role of physical security in our world and in our lives. It will also demonstrate the possibilities of a rewarding and challenging career for those who decide to become physical security specialists. There are many physical security specialists at all levels throughout the business world, with responsibilities and work pressures commensurate with rewards.

Course syllabus:

  1. Physical Security Protection

  2. Physical Security Barriers

  3. Physical Security Technical Systems

  4. Manned Guarding Services

  5. Security Furniture and Locks

  6. Security Alarm Reactions

  7. Physical Security Situation and Incident Management

  8. Physical Security Threats

  9. Security Convergence and Risk Reduction

  10. Physical Security Protection as a Career