Introduction to Security Culture

Security culture is a set of norms, beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions that are inherent in the daily operation of an organisation and are reflected by the actions and behaviours of all entities and personnel within the organisation. Security should be everyone’s responsibility – from the ground up. An effective security culture is about: recognising that effective security is critical to business success; establishing an appreciation of positive security practices among employees; aligning security to core business goals; and articulating security as a core value rather than as an obligation or a burdensome expense.

Course syllabus:

  1. What a security culture is and how it fits into wider organisational aims and objectives

  2. The lessons that can be learnt from safety and how these can be applied to security

  3. The practices, tools and techniques that can foster a positive security culture

  4. How security culture can be measured

  5. The role an effective security culture plays in mitigating risks