International Security Studies MA

Whether they're political, economic, religious or environmental, international security issues can stem from all corners of society. This course provides a thorough grounding in international security studies, focusing on developments since the end of the Cold War. International security problems often stem from complex political, economic, religious, environmental, social and cultural causes, and involve a broad range of non-state actors. The study of security in the contemporary international system thus poses a series of challenging intellectual questions and policy dilemmas, which this course will help you address in an informed and creative manner. This degree combines a study of the main theories and concepts in international security with empirical analysis of contemporary security issues such as terrorism, proliferation, failed states and security communities.

Course syllabus:

  1. International Security

  2. MA Dissertation

  3. The Politics of Human Rights

  4. International Relations After the Cold War

  5. The Holocaust - A Genocide: Mass Murder in Comparative Perspective

  6. American Foreign Policy

  7. Global Ethics in Practice

  8. After The Holocaust - History and Memory in Postwar Germany

  9. American Freedoms

  10. Global Cities: the View from Asia