International Security and Terrorism MA

Concerns about security and insecurity infiltrate our everyday lives. How does war and terrorism impact on migration? Do resource shortages due to climate change pose a growing threat? How is weapon screening at airports affecting travel? You'll cover all of these issues and more on this course. Our tutors have advised governments, spoken at the Pentagon, made appearances on television and radio, and have experience working in Afghanistan, bringing real-world expertise to your learning and development. The course will also develop your understanding of counter-terrorist techniques and provide you with an in-depth study of security issues in particular regions of the world. We also offer a placement scheme which gives you vital real-world experience. Students from the school recently worked at a NATO agency in Turkey. This course can set you up for a career in the armed services, civil service, NGOs and policy research.

Course syllabus:

  1. Terrorism and Insurgencies

  2. Theories and Concepts in International Relations

  3. Dissertation

  4. Contemporary Warfare

  5. Covert Action and Unacknowledged Interventions

  6. Gender and Political Representation

  7. Global Asia

  8. Grand Strategy

  9. Greater China and the World

  10. International Political Economy

  11. Justice Beyond Borders: Theories of International and Intergenerational Justice

  12. Left and Right in Contemporary Politics

  13. Public Policy Fiascos

  14. Research Methods in International Relations