International Peace & Security MA

Our MA International Peace & Security consists of a broad-based multidisciplinary curriculum, focusing on law and conflict in international society and contemporary security issues. It is ideal if you are looking for a career in international organisations, government departments, political risk and financial sector, further research/PhD or professional legal studies. Our course was launched by the School of Law and the Department of War Studies in response to the rapidly changing world after the Cold War. We combine the strengths of both departments to provide you with an integrated study of international law and international politics relevant to the contemporary world. This type of study is necessitated by the major changes in international peace and security which have taken place in recent years. Our MA will give students of international relations, historians and political scientists a deeper knowledge of international law; narrow the existing gap between international lawyers and international relations specialists; and educate people who could work in international organisations (both inter-governmental and non-governmental), in government, or teach international law and politics.

Course syllabus:

  1. Law & Conflict in International Society

  2. Dissertation

  3. International Law & War

  4. Political Violence, Counterterrorism & Human Rights

  5. Political Philosophy & International Law

  6. Migration, Conflict & Politics

  7. Nationalism & Security

  8. Transitional Justice & International Criminal Law