Intelligence MSc

Study MSc Intelligence at the University of Portsmouth. Further your studies at a postgraduate level, boost your employability and achieve your goals. In both the public and private sectors, security and intelligence are more important than ever. If you choose to study MSc Intelligence as part of your Criminal Justice studies, you'll help meet the growing need for intelligence professionals by building on your research, analysis and management skills and applying them to the field of criminal intelligence. You'll evaluate established intelligence models and principles, including the intelligence cycle, broaden your understanding of intelligence from both open and closed sources, and learn about the limitations of analytical services available to intelligence professionals. When you graduate, you'll have a solid grounding in intelligence processes and practice, and you'll understand critical issues like ethical practice and compliance with human rights legislation, particularly the rights to privacy and a fair trial, which underpin the entire field. You'll have the research, analytical and specialist skills for a successful career, either in the UK or abroad, in the public or private sectors. Opportunities include working for organisations such as UK government intelligence agencies or the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Centres, or as a security or intelligence consultant in the private sector.

Course syllabus:

  1. Managing Intelligence

  2. Research Methods and Research Ethics

  3. Dissertation / Major Project