Intelligence & International Security MA

Our MA Intelligence & International Security examines the trends that continue to shape intelligence and international security developments in the 21st century. You will develop an awareness of the ways in which intelligence issues manifest themselves in security issues in peace and war in historical and contemporary perspectives. You will also gain an understanding of ethical dilemmas associated with intelligence activity, including the challenges posed by digitisation. Our course will enable you to examine the origins, nature, processes, roles and case studies of intelligence and their interaction with developments in international security. In examining the trends that continue to shape intelligence and international security in the 21st century our course offers a unique multidisciplinary approach based on the strengths of the department. We aim to provide a framework in which to understand the nature and role of intelligence in its relationship to wider issues in war and international security; an understanding of the processes, practices and institutions that have characterised intelligence in the modern era; an understanding of the problems connected with intelligence collection,assessment and ability to predict events in world affairs; and an appreciation of the particular ethical and political concerns generated by intelligence.

Course syllabus:

  1. Intelligence in Peace & War

  2. Dissertation

  3. Past & Present of British Intelligence

  4. Diplomacy, Intelligence & Armaments: The Origins Of The Second World War, 1931-1941 Diplomacy & Foreign Policy

  5. National Security Studies

  6. Technology, Security and Global Politics

  7. Cybersecurity: Comparative Policy and Strategy

  8. Armchair Intelligence – Open Sources & Online Investigation

  9. Preventing Violent Radicalisation