Intelligence and Security Studies (Distance Learning) MA

Intelligence and security policy issues are one of the fastest growing areas of academic and public concern. More than ever before, national governments, international agencies and international corporations need employees with a strong grasp of intelligence and security concerns who can also demonstrate first-rate skills of research and assessment. Intelligence and Security Studies at Brunel offers you a unique opportunity for practical, policy-oriented graduate study of intelligence issues across the private and public sectors around the world. The course is taught over two years through a range of online resources that include journals, e-books, specialised tools in intelligence analyst and other materials such as government declassified documents. You will connect to the a team of supportive academic staff through online tutorials during their office hours and take part in a week long residential course on campus consisting of workshops, presentations and exercises.

Course syllabus:

  1. Intelligence Concepts, Issues and Institutions

  2. Intelligence History Failure and Success

  3. Contemporary Threats and Analytical Methodology

  4. Intelligence and Security Studies Dissertation

  5. Intelligence Analysis Foundations Methods and Applications

  6. Counterintelligence and Security