Bachelor of Arts in Business – Information Security

The Bachelor of Arts in business with a concentration in information security online program prepares you with the in-demand skills for securing, organizing and managing a business’s private information. Businesses will count on you to manage their digital assets, prevent cyberthreats and understand privacy regulations. You’ve heard in the news about data breaches at major businesses. Your own personal information may have been compromised in such a breach. Cybercrimes such as these are a threat to most every organization and business, and information security officers who can recognize and prevent them are in high demand.

Course syllabus:

  1. Global Supply Operations

  2. Introduction to Information Systems

  3. Fundamental Techniques for Business Data Analytics

  4. Business Database Concepts

  5. Computer Networks

  6. Managing Cyber Risks in Enterprise Business Processes

  7. Computer Forensics

  8. Privacy, Ethics and Compliance Issues