Information Security Awareness Program

Effective organisational information security is much more than policies and procedures. It’s a mindset. With a surge of reported professional hackers, botnets, industrial espionage and breaches of privacy, there is a call for a new approach to security control and awareness. The human factor (what employees do or don’t do) is the single biggest threat to information systems and assets. Addressing the human factor ensures proper awareness and education to everyone who interacts with computer networks and systems in the basics of information security. An investment in security awareness training is the greatest investment in securing the assets of your company

Course syllabus:

  1. Email-based viruses, worms and attachments

  2. Importance of organisation policies and objectives

  3. Computer viruses: common symptoms & warning signs to watch out for

  4. Follow organisation policies and objectives

  5. Staying up-to-date

  6. “Social Engineering” explained

  7. The crisis situation: “I need your help!”

  8. “I’m calling from IT...”

  9. Input-related flaws

  10. What to do if you suspect an attack

  11. Internet Scams and Phishing

  12. Identity theft: protecting sensitive information

  13. Online activity while at work: users should have no expectation of privacy

  14. Passwords are critical for your “electronic signature” – we provide a digital checker for passwords as part of the course work.