Incident and Operations Management

This course prepares emergency management practitioners to carry out their roles as members of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) team. This course presents strategies for effective management and coordination of overall operations within their communities during a multi-service response to an emergency. In addition, participants will be introduced to the Incident Command System that provides responders and supporting agencies with a standardized method of managing any kind of emergency incident.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction

  2. Incident Command System (ICS)/Incident Management System (IMS)

  3. ICS/IMS Concepts

  4. Incidents

  5. ICS Structure

  6. The Incident Commander and Staff

  7. Incident Management Team and Functional Sections

  8. Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

  9. Case Study: Horse River (Fort McMurray) Fires, 2016

  10. Case Study: Lac-Mégantic Runaway Train and Derailment, Quebec, 2013

  11. Case Study: Nepal Earthquake, 2015

  12. Case Study: Lessons Learned from the 9-11 Attack on the Pentagon

  13. Final Assignment