Gun Systems Design MSc

This unique MSc course covers the essential technology required for the participants to take a lead role within their organisation on the specification, design and development of gun systems. The course is intended for officers of the armed forces and for scientists and technical officers in government defence establishments and the defence industry. It is particularly suitable for those who, in their subsequent careers, will be involved with the specification, analysis, development, technical management or operation of weapons systems.

Course syllabus:

  1. Armoured Fighting Vehicle and Weapon Systems Study

  2. Element Design

  3. Finite Element Methods in Engineering

  4. Fundamentals of Ballistics

  5. Military Vehicle Propulsion and Dynamics

  6. Modelling, Simulation and Control

  7. Ordnance Design

  8. Solid Modelling CAD

  9. Survivability

  10. Vehicle Systems Integration

  11. Weapon Systems Technology - Introduction