Guided Weapon Systems MSc

The Guided Weapon Systems MSc is a flagship Cranfield course and has an outstanding reputation within the Guided Weapons community. The course meets the requirements of all three UK armed services and is also open to students from NATO countries, Commonwealth forces, selected non-NATO countries, the scientific civil service and industry. The main objective of the Guided Weapon Systems course is to bring together the wide variety of disciplines constituting guided weapon systems technology and to present them in an integrated manner. It takes you on to an understanding of the principles of guided weapon systems technology and all interrelated and multi-disciplinary facets involved with the complete systems design process. The course structure is modular in nature with each module conducted at a postgraduate level. The interactions between modules are emphasised throughout. A comprehensive suite of visits to industrial and services establishments consolidates the learning process, ensuring the taught subject matter is directly relevant and current. Some visits are restricted to Five Eyes nations only (i.e. Aus/Can/UK/US/NZ). Please contact us for more information.

Course syllabus:

  1. Electro-optic and Infrared Systems 1

  2. Electro-optic and Infrared Systems 2

  3. GW Applications - Control and Guidance

  4. GW Applications Propulsion and Aerodynamics

  5. GW Control Theory

  6. GW Propulsion and Aerodynamics Theory

  7. GW Structures, Aeroelasticity and Power Supplies

  8. GW Systems

  9. GW Warheads, Explosives and Materials

  10. Introductory and Foundation Studies

  11. Parametric Study

  12. Radar Electronic Warfare

  13. Radar Principles

  14. Signal Processing, Statistics and Analysis

  15. Research Project