Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security from Charles Sturt University covers current topics in the field, such as digital forensics, the dark web and cyberwarfare and terrorism. You'll be taught by leading industry experts who will equip you with the capabilities to address the contemporary issues and needs of the rapidly growing cyber security sector.

Course syllabus:

  1. Dark Web

  2. Digital Forensics

  3. Information Security

  4. Network Security and Cryptography

  5. IT Risk Management

  6. Cloud Privacy and Security

  7. Cloud Computing

  8. Topics in IT Ethics

  9. Cyber Security Fundamentals

  10. Cyberwarfare and Terrorism

  11. Cyber Security Management

  12. Hacking Countermeasures

  13. Professional Systems Security

  14. Incident Response

  15. Forensic Investigation

  16. Architecting Cloud Solutions

  17. Professional Communications

  18. Pen Testing