Criminal Sentencing & Sentencing Advocacy Graduate Certificate

The criminal sentencing and sentencing advocacy graduate certificate provides you with the skills and credentials necessary to enter or advance your career within criminal defense and the administration of justice as an officer of the court as a probation officer. Licensed psychologists play a vital role in the justice system. Sentencing advocacy is an area within criminal defense that focuses on promoting rehabilitative, restorative and client-centered outcomes. Sentencing advocates serve as an ally for their clients. They create sentencing plans for criminal defendants based on their case and social history. They communicate with attorneys, act as a liaison between office and government social services, and may advocate for rehabilitation as opposed to imprisonment.

Course syllabus:

  1. Seminar in Courts and Sentencing

  2. Alternatives to Penal Sanctions

  3. Presentence Investigations

  4. Presentence Investigations

  5. Seminar on Race/Ethnicity and Crime Issues

  6. Seminar on Victimization

  7. Seminar on Mental Health for Sentencing

  8. Seminar on Mitigation in Death and Life Cases

  9. Seminar in Corrections

  10. Seminar in Community Corrections