Geopolitics, Territory & Security MA

The Geopolitics, Territory & Security MA is a unique multidisciplinary course that focuses on the territorial aspect of inter-state relations. You will explore geopolitical and political geographic analysis – contextualised within the wider social sciences – and the relevant aspects of international law to understand the creation and maintenance of international boundaries, borders at various scales and the factors driving contemporary territorial disputes. The Geopolitics, Territory & Security MA is a specialised master’s course, concentrating on the territorial element of inter-state relations. International (legal and technical) experts as well as recognised scholars will provide you with a clear theoretical and historical foundation in the principal study concepts relating to territory and international boundaries. The course will introduce you to legal, technical and practical factors of the creation and maintenance of international boundaries on land and sea, as well as offering valuable insights into the processes involved in resolving border and territorial disputes.

Course syllabus:

  1. Practising Social Research

  2. Dissertation in Geopolitics, Territory & Security

  3. Boundaries, Sovereignty and the Territorial State

  4. Critical Geopolitics

  5. Environment, Livelihoods and Development in the 'South'

  6. Environmental Science and Policymaking

  7. Geopolitics of Natural Resource Disputes

  8. Territorial & Boundary Dispute Resolution