Full Stack Network Engineer

Launch your career in network engineering in just 3-6 months. Become a job-ready, 3X certified network engineer and gain the hands-on project level experience you need to advance your career! No previous IT experience or degree required. You’ll be taught by instructors who have built out their own entire network architectures at billion-dollar companies and have also trained thousands of personnel in the Air Force to eventually build out their own networks at Fortune 500 companies. Get exposure to every aspect of networking and be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to accelerate your IT career in just 22 weeks. Gain the necessary hands-on experience to land a job through our real-world skills training curriculum. You’ll complete 3 networking projects over the duration of the course to build your professional portfolio.

Course syllabus:

  1. Network Engineering

  2. Full Stack Networking Project

  3. Cisco ASA Upgrade Project

  4. Co-Located Data Center Project

  5. FSNP SQC Preparation Labs

  6. FSNP Skills Qualification Check