From Security Officer to Manager

From Security Officer to Manager is designed to be the course that we needed when we were coming up through the ranks. Written by me - Dr Rich Diston - and John Sephton FSYI, we share the knowledge needed to succeed in the security guarding sector. If you are a front-line security officer, there may be many reasons you don't get promoted. A lack of knowledge shouldn't be one of them. Even worse, many security officers who are promoted to management positions fail because they simply aren’t taught what they need to know in order to succeed. Being an effective security officer requires a different skillset to being an effective security manager.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to security risk management

  2. Compliance

  3. Security Contract Finance

  4. Managing Security Operations

  5. Client Relationship Management

  6. Leaders, Managers and Coaches

  7. Security Incident Management

  8. Physical and Cyber