Fraud Prevention Training

Fraud prevention training course is designed to help your organisation understand the nature of fraud, how you may be vulnerable and its effects. This introduction to fraud training course will give you the knowledge needed to reduce risk within your organisation and implement anti-fraud policies and procedures. An increasing number of companies are experiencing fraud or finding that they need to invest more to prevent it. Ensuring your organisation understands the different types of fraud and how to prevent it is vital and will help you protect your business/employees from the serious consequences fraud can result in. No prior knowledge is necessary for this elearning course.

Course syllabus:

  1. The definition of fraud and the different types

  2. Fraud awareness and legislation relevant to fraud

  3. The consequences of fraud for individuals, businesses and organisations

  4. The facts that explain how and why fraud occurs

  5. Circumstances that increase the likelihood of fraud occurring

  6. Fraud risk management

  7. Creating a zero-tolerance culture

  8. Preventing and detecting fraud

  9. Anti-fraud policies

  10. Fraud investigation