Fraud Prevention for Managers

Fraud is criminal or deceptive behaviour which refers to any attempt, whether successful or not, to secure an unfair or unlawful gain through deliberate or dishonest misrepresentation of material facts, or deliberate omission of such facts. It can be committed against an individual, company or its customers. Fraud is also a predicate offence to money laundering, so any funds generated by fraud are proceeds of crime and handling them exposes you to the risk of money laundering.

Course syllabus:

  1. Understanding fraud

  2. What is fraud?

  3. Our Anti-Fraud Policy

  4. Identity fraud

  5. Online fraud

  6. Corporate fraud

  7. Employee fraud

  8. Customer fraud

  9. Supplier fraud

  10. The Fraud Act

  11. Preventing fraud

  12. Reporting and whistleblowing

  13. Summary

  14. Affirmation

  15. Assessment