Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Misconduct Investigation Management

Fraud and corruption can occur anywhere, and to any organization. In some environments the risks and implications of fraud investigations increases, and poor ethical behavior is rife. When confronting a fraud event other unique factors [including physical, legal and political risks] can also influence the approach adopted. This course provides 3hrs of learning within 5 mandatory courses culminating in an ILM award, and up to 4hrs of learning [with individual certifications] within 5 elective courses. RSM is the only organization permitted to provide internationally certified Institute of Leadership Management [ILM] online certifications for fraud, corruption and criminal investigations management, with an accompanying 7 HRCI and SHRM credits.

Course syllabus:

  1. Understand the nature of fraud and corruption

  2. How to lead, plan, manage or oversee an internal investigation

  3. Implications to business, operations and the reputation