Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training

This Fraud Prevention and Awareness Training Course covers what can be done to protect the workplace from fraud. Whether it is protecting an individual or the business as a whole, preventing fraudulent activity is vital for the ongoing success of any organisation. Preventing fraud, while increasing awareness of the topic within your business, can prevent monetary loses (sometimes major ones) as well as prevent delicate and private information being shared and distributed. This online training will provide you with knowledge on what the signs of fraudulent activity are, what to do if you encounter fraud and how to raise awareness of fraud. There may not be a strict set of rules to follow that will guarantee you or your business do not encounter fraud, but this course will equip you on how best to manage the situation and avoid being a victim of fraud.

Course syllabus:

  1. What is Fraud?

  2. Detecting Fraud

  3. Preventing Fraud

  4. External Fraud

  5. Reporting Fraud