Professional Science Master’s in Forensic Science (PSM)

This forensic science Professional Science Master’s degree (PSM) prepares students for career advancement in forensic science, law enforcement, medico-legal or other closely related fields. The degree provides students with a pathway to develop new competencies in supervision and management in forensic science and related fields. The online Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in forensic science prepares current forensic science, law enforcement, medical and legal professionals for career advancement in criminal science management and research. Step up your career in crime science in this online master’s in forensic science degree by earning greater educational depth and breadth in the forensic sciences and related fields with the development of new competencies related to supervision and management. Learn to work with regulatory bodies that provide the framework for oversight in forensic laboratories, consistent with the guiding principles of the National Professional Science Masters Association.

Course syllabus:

  1. Forensic Toxicology

  2. Forensic Botany

  3. Forensic Entomology

  4. Forensic Science and Governance

  5. Advanced Topics in Human Forensic DNA

  6. Ethics in Forensic Science

  7. Quantitative Methods in Forensic Science Research

  8. Laboratory Leadership, Policy, and Practice

  9. Applied Biostatistics in Medicine and Informatics

  10. Principles of Pharmacology

  11. Biostatistics and Data Management

  12. Advanced Forensic Psychology

  13. Criminal Procedure of Investigations for Social and Forensic Scientists

  14. Advanced Overview of the Clinical Practice of Forensic Psychology

  15. Applied Project