Forensic Explosive and Explosion Investigation MSc

This course introduces students to the investigation of explosive and CBRN crime scenes. It considers both pre- and post-blast scenes, and associated scenes. The Forensic Explosive and Explosion Investigation course is part of the MSc Forensic Programme, and is designed to give a broad introduction to the subject, rapidly advancing into the understanding of cutting-edge research and the latest methodologies. The course is highly practical and hands-on, aiming to produce forensic experts capable of giving expert witness testimonies in a courtroom situation and elsewhere. The course consists of a one-week period of introductory studies followed by academic instruction in modular form. Most modules are of five days duration, interspersed with weeks devoted to private study. Students are required to take eight core modules and choose three elective modules based on their particular background, future requirements or interests. This is followed by a four-month research project and either a thesis or literature review and paper.

Course syllabus:

  1. Analytical Techniques

  2. Courtroom Skills

  3. Fires, Explosions and their Investigation

  4. Forensic Investigation of Explosives and Explosive Devices

  5. Introduction to Shock and Impact

  6. Investigation and Evidence Collection

  7. Reasoning for Forensic Science

  8. Hazardous Forensics

  9. Forensic Exploitation and Intelligence

  10. Research Project

  11. Ballistic Impact and Protection

  12. Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Capability

  13. Fakes and Forgeries

  14. Fires, Explosions and their Investigation

  15. Introduction to Firearms Investigations and Forensic Ballistics

  16. Mass Fatality Incidents

  17. Radiographic Investigations in Forensic Science

  18. Trace Evidence