FIS® P.E.A.C.E Online Investigative Interviewing Course

In this course, we examine the elements of investigative interviewing, the knowledge required to adopt the PEACE framework and the science behind it. The aim of all professional interviewers is to develop the interpersonal skills required to ask the right questions in such a way that a full and truthful account is provided by the interviewee. The task of the interviewer is to create an environment where the interviewee feels comfortable to participate in an ethical exchange of information. The interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspects is an everyday part of an investigator’s role. It is the formal means by which vital information and evidence is obtained in relation to incidents.

Course syllabus:

  1. Course Introduction

  2. Investigative Interviewing

  3. Core Knowledge: Investigative Interviewing Skills

  4. Core Knowledge: The Memory Process

  5. Core Knowledge: Questioning Skills

  6. Core Knowledge: Assessing Information and Making Decisions

  7. Victim and Witness Interviews: Planning and Preparation

  8. Victim and Witness Interviews: Engage and Explain

  9. Victim and Witness Interviews: Account, Clarification, Challenge and Closure

  10. Victim and Witness Interviews: Evaluation

  11. Suspect Interviews: Planning and Preparation

  12. Suspect Interviews: Engage and Explain

  13. Suspect Interviews: Account, Clarification, Challenge and Closure

  14. Suspect Interviews: Evaluation

  15. Assessment