Fast Track Security Guide Bundle Offers Basic and Advanced Security Training

Includes Basic Security Training, your Exam Booking Fee (except Ontario residents), an Interview Prep Guide and 4 Advanced Training Courses all for 1 Low Price. Stand out from the crowd of licensed security guards with 5 certifications. Our exclusive training package lets you upgrade your basic security guard training with training employers are looking for WHMIS, De-Escalation Training and more— easily and at one low cost. Employers are looking for security guards with advanced skills. Even if you don’t have experience working in private security, you can be the more qualified candidate.

Course syllabus:

  1. Workplace Safety and Health Act

  2. Working Alone Plan

  3. Human Rights

  4. Personal Safety at Work

  5. Landlords & Tenants

  6. What is WHMIS?


  8. Personal Protective Equipment

  9. Emergency actions

  10. WHMIS Hazards Groups

  11. WHMIS Symbols & Labels

  12. What to do if something goes wrong?

  13. Special situations

  14. Behavioural skills

  15. Positive communication techniques

  16. Strategies for dealing with subjects who are defensive

  17. Demonstrating empathy

  18. De-escalation strategies

  19. Strategies to follow up and prevention of recurrence

  20. Distinguishing disrespectful behaviour

  21. Legislation and workplace policies

  22. Responding to bullying

  23. Reporting violence appropriately

  24. Examining our own values and behaviour

  25. Control methods

  26. Identifying the roles of employer and employee in prevention

  27. Identifying examples of bullying and harassment

  28. Recognizing warning signs of workplace violence

  29. Differentiating between diversity and inclusion

  30. Elements of a typical violence program

  31. Procedures

  32. Defining fatigue

  33. Identifying fatigue

  34. Fatigue in the workplace

  35. Managing fatigue