Explosives Ordnance Engineering MSc

The course offers advanced academic background necessary for students to contribute effectively to technically demanding projects in the field of explosives and explosives ordnance engineering (EOE). This course has been designed specifically to provide an opportunity to a wide range of attendees, including military officers, defence industry staff, government servants and civilian students, to provide knowledge and transferable skills that will enhance employment potential in this field, problem solving, self-direction and informed communication skills. Students can learn in a flexible manner as it offers both part-time and full-time learning all with full access to an outstanding remote virtual learning environment and online literature through our extensive library facilities.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Explosives Engineering

  2. Future Developments: Scanning the Horizon in EOE

  3. Munitions and Target Response

  4. Research Tools

  5. Introductory Studies

  6. Addressing EOE Capability Gaps: Group Project

  7. Commercial Explosives

  8. Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Capability

  9. Delivery Systems

  10. Design for Vulnerability

  11. Explosives and the Environment

  12. Gun Propellants

  13. Manufacture and Materials Properties of Explosives

  14. Rocket Motors and Propellants

  15. Safety Assurance for EOE

  16. Testing and Evaluation of Explosives

  17. Pyrotechnics

  18. Project Phase