Expeditionary Warfare Systems Engineering and Technology (USA)

This course is delivered by Cranfield University in the United States of America, and can therefore only accept applications from current residents of the United States of America and/or applicants who do not require a Visa to enter the USA for the purposes of education. Cranfield Defence and Security has a long history of providing expertise and teaching to UK MOD and allied countries, underpinning defence and security development around the world. The Expeditionary Warfare Systems Technology and Engineering aims to introduce underpinning technologies and their application in defence systems, as required by the engineers and scientists from the US DoD and industry partners working in the design, development, prototyping, test, evaluation, acquisition and maintenance of Expeditionary Warfare systems. The MSc provides graduates with the technical qualities, transferable skills and independent learning ability necessary to make them effective in organisations that design, develop, procure, or operate military expeditionary systems. The graduates will be equipped with skills & knowledge, which will help them move across the organisation both horizontally and vertically.

Course syllabus:

  1. Communication Networks

  2. Communications Engineering 1

  3. Fundamentals of Ballistics

  4. Electro-optics Systems for Expeditionary Warfare – Part 1

  5. Military Autonomous Vehicles

  6. Fighting Vehicle Design

  7. Modelling, Simulation and Control for Defence Engineering

  8. Expeditionary Warfare Systems Design Study

  9. Light Weapon Design

  10. Weapon Systems Technology

  11. Military Vehicle Dynamics

  12. Radar Sensing and Expeditionary Warfare

  13. Electro-optics Systems for Expeditionary Warfare - Part 2

  14. Microwave Systems Engineering for Expeditionary Warfare

  15. Communications Engineering 2

  16. Data Processing for Expeditionary Warfare

  17. Thesis