Ethical Hacking Professional

This Ethical Hacking Professional course is an introduction to the concepts, tools, and techniques involved in ethical hacking. Businesses have an ever-growing dependency on IT security, due to the increasing complexity of systems and networks, and particularly the usage of mobile and wireless devices. Security professionals warn us of the growing rate of hackers and their in-depth knowledge of how to overcome firewalls and standard security protocols, such as anti-malware. This 2-day training course will develop your awareness of common IT security problems on which hackers rely on for access, in order to be better able to avoid and prevent attacks.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  2. Hacking Concepts and Principles

  3. Phases of Hacking

  4. Vulnerability Assessment

  5. Ethical Hacking Methodologies

  6. Hacking Web Applications