Emergency Planning Resilience and Response MSc

This Masters course in Emergency Planning Resilience and Response will provide you with an opportunity for you to develop master’s level education in the concepts theories and academic skills for emergency planning, resilience, business continuity and disaster management and recovery. The course caters for professionals who may already be working in this field or those wishing to embark on a career in emergency planning. The course aims to offer a flexible approach to the subjects studied and those already working in this area will be able to develop further their knowledge skills and experience. The course will ensure you develop a sound working knowledge of the principles and practice of emergency planning and the underpinning policy. You will develop valuable skills in communication and strategic leadership. You will also develop a wide range of inter-personal skills for effective use in multi-agency teams. There will be opportunities to take part in exercises and training in simulated emergency settings with a wide range of professional and other Key Stakeholders and organisations involved in emergency planning.

Course syllabus:

  1. Advanced Research Skills

  2. Business Continuity and Resilience

  3. Communication, Information and Resilience

  4. Contemporary Issues and the Future of Emergency Management

  5. Disaster: Causation, Consequence Management and Learning

  6. Emergency Management: Foundations and Frameworks

  7. Resilience and Emergency Research Dissertation