Emergency Communications

The Emergency Communications Ontario College Certificate program provides practical training for individuals who are employed or seek to be employed in the public or private sector as a member of a team engaged in emergency communication services. Students learn the principles and skills necessary to react competently and effectively in dealing with the public and with emergency services personnel during routine and crisis situations. This knowledge, combined with practical case-based training, will give graduates the competencies, skills and confidence to perform in stressful situations. Students must complete a field placement component in order to meet graduation requirements. Agencies require students to have a clear police record to engage in field placement.

Course syllabus:

  1. Public Safety Telecommunicator

  2. Canadian Law and Provincial Legislation

  3. Computer/Keyboarding Skills

  4. Crisis Intervention

  5. Customer Service and Ethics

  6. Emergency Management

  7. Interpersonal and Group Dynamics

  8. Business English Skills

  9. Stress, Wellness and Nutrition

  10. Field Placement