Diploma in Cybersecurity Intelligence & Digital Forensics

This is a practical-oriented program where learners are tasked with developing capabilities in digital forensics, digital evidence and digital intelligence. Learners will have access to some tools and equipment to work throughout this program. A project report is required at the end of the program. Learners are encouraged to take on projects which will have real impacts in their organizations. Has Certificate in Cybersecurity Intelligence & Digital Forensics as a prerequisite. Learners will be guided by an instructor to use the knowledge acquired during the Certificate program to undertake a Capstone (a project) which is expected to last 12 weeks. Learners must write an acceptable report at the end of the project.

Course syllabus:

  1. Structure of Information Systems

  2. Information Systems & Networks Vulnerabilities

  3. Foundations of Cybersecurity

  4. SMAC & BYOD Security

  5. Preventing Cyber Intrusions

  6. Evaluating Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

  7. Digital Forensics & Evidence

  8. SMAC & BYOD Forensics

  9. Guarding Against Cyber Intrusions

  10. Information Systems Security & Assurance

  11. Cyber Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence

  12. Exam