Diploma in Asset Risk Management

This vocational qualification was designed to build on the existing experiences and activity of those engaged in the area of loss prevention and crime prevention as well as creating a pathway for those wishing to enter into or progress within the sector. This vocational qualification is designed to enable learners acquire a range of skill and knowledge and competencies in the fields of loss prevention, security risk assessment and security auditing, leading to undertaking effective risk assessments and giving advice in a broad range of environments. Formal certification will define those individuals, thus enhancing employability and personal progression.

Course syllabus:

  1. The principles of crime prevention and loss prevention

  2. The causes and consequences of loss

  3. The range of products and services available to assist with loss prevention

  4. How client safety and health procedures can impact on loss

  5. Best practice auditing principles and standards

  6. The stages of the Security Risk Assessment process

  7. Information gathering and presentation processes

  8. How knowledge of motivation can inform planning and policy decisions

  9. Threats associated with terrorist and extremist groups

  10. The application and benefits of templates