Digital Forensics Systems

This course introduces digital forensics notions and techniques. Students will gain a basic understanding and legal awareness of computer security and forensics, techniques used in the evidentiary process, various methodologies intrinsic to computer forensics with emphasis on computer incident response, and IT systems protection. The importance of ethics, understanding rules of evidence, effective communications, key elements of research and seizure relative to privacy legislation will also be discussed. Students will apply what they learn in scenario-based projects.

Course syllabus:

  1. The Digital Forensics Crime Scene

  2. Forensics Evidence

  3. Forensics Investigation Techniques

  4. Computer Forensics

  5. Windows Forensics Analysis

  6. Linux Forensics Analysis

  7. Network Forensics

  8. Email Forensics Analysis

  9. Tracking User Activity

  10. Forensics Analysis of Mobile Devices

  11. Documenting the Investigation

  12. Case study of a real life digital forensics investigation

  13. Review