Digital Forensics Essentials

The Digital Forensics Essentials course provides the necessary knowledge to understand the Digital Forensics and Incident Response disciplines, how to be an effective and efficient Digital Forensics practitioner or Incident Responder, and how to effectively use digital evidence. More than half of jobs in the modern world use a computer. The vast majority of people aged 18-30 are 'digitally fluent'; accustomed to using smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and home assistants, in addition to laptops and computers, simply as part of everyday life. Yet, how many of these users actually understand what's going on under the hood? Do you know what your computer or smartphone can tell someone about you? Do you know how easy it might be for someone to access and exploit that data? Are you fed up with not understanding what technical people are talking about when it comes to computers and files, data and metadata? Do you know what actually happens when a file is deleted? Do you want to know more about Digital Forensics and Incident Response? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, this course is for you.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Digital Investigation

  2. Digital Forensics

  3. Incident Response and Digital Forensic Readiness

  4. Evidence Acquisition Essentials

  5. Digital Forensic Analysis

  6. Documenting and Reporting and Going to Court