Developing a Cyber Security Annex for Incident Response

Cyber-attacks occur more frequently and have become increasingly sophisticated. Cybersecurity events now have the potential to significantly disrupt the business operations of government and critical infrastructure services. Public and private sectors, in the United States, are at increasing and continual risk of surprise attacks from nation-state and non-state actors.

Course syllabus:

  1. Definition and Purpose of a Cyber Incident Annex

  2. Cyber Incident Definitions

  3. Cyber Incident Annex Scope

  4. Roles and Responsibilities

  5. Components of a Cyber Incident

  6. Incident Identification Process

  7. Components of a Cyber Incident Response Plan

  8. Building a Cyber Incident Response Team

  9. Information Sharing

  10. Training and Exercises

  11. Cyber Incident Guidebook