Defence Simulation and Modelling MSc

This course addresses the design, development, procurement, use and management of models and simulations for applications in experimentation, training, testing, analysis and assessment of military forces, systems and equipment. The application of modelling and simulation continues to enhance and transform both systems development and training. It allows representation of increasingly complex equipment, systems and scenarios for the purposes of decision support and helps to reduce wear on live equipment and on test and training areas.

Course syllabus:

  1. Advanced Module #1

  2. Advanced Module #2

  3. Advanced Module #3

  4. Real Time Graphics

  5. Experimentation, Analysis and Trials for Simulation

  6. Foundations of Modelling and Simulation

  7. Modelling and Simulation Acquisition Techniques

  8. Networked and Distributed Simulation

  9. Networked and Distributed Simulation Exercise

  10. Synthetic Environments & Virtual Simulation

  11. War Gaming and Combat Modelling

  12. Weapon System Performance Assessment

  13. Individual Project