Defence Leadership MSc

Leadership has always been a critical element of organisational success, but only recently has its value been adequately recognised in an educational context. The scope of this MSc covers defence and the wider security sector. This MSc is designed to appeal to those interested in or involved with leadership. Its primary audience will be those with personal experience of leadership practice and who are keen to expand and improve their knowledge and understanding of leadership theory and practice.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introductory Studies and Critical Thinking

  2. Leadership Studies - Classical and Modern

  3. Strategic Management in Defence

  4. The Psychology of Leadership

  5. Defence Sector and Organisational Behaviour

  6. Programme and Project Management

  7. Leading Change and Innovation

  8. National Security: Resilience and Crisis

  9. Global Security: Culture and Complexity

  10. Global Security: Emerging Challenges

  11. Leadership Development in Defence

  12. Contemporary Defence Leadership Studies

  13. Research Methods