Defence and Security (Leadership and Management)

The Defence and Security Programme offers three degree streams to provide blended, flexible education suitable for a range of learners engaged in the complex, evolving defence and security environment. The programme provides innovation in the concept and delivery. All streams have common core modules providing essential professional competencies and four of the five core modules are delivered entirely at a distance across all streams providing flexibility for the learner. Each stream further provides depth in specialist topics aligned with their relevant range of disciplines. Many of the elective modules and the Introduction to Defence and Security are delivered as residential modules. These combine face to face lecturing, workshops and group work with use of our facilities including laboratories, simulation labs, and computer labs as examples.

Course syllabus:

  1. Induction

  2. Introduction to Defence and Security

  3. Decision Analysis and Support

  4. Leadership and Management

  5. Stakeholder Management and Organisational Behaviour

  6. Capstone Development and Exploitation

  7. Capstone Portfolio

  8. Commercial Relationships in the Defence Environment

  9. Cost Estimation and Planning

  10. Counterterrorism and Intelligence

  11. Research Methods

  12. Thesis