Cyberspace Operations MSc

The Cyberspace Operations programme is designed to develop professionals to support manoeuvre in cyberspace, in contested operations and as part of integrated planning. The course will specifically focus on responses to serious present and emerging threats in the information domain. The course enables the student to understand the context of the cyber domain. Whilst a technical understanding is an advantage, this course enables students from a variety of backgrounds to understand the drivers and constraints within cyber operations and how many roles need to integrate to provide an effective and cohesive operation. The course specifically evaluates the current doctrine and planning procedures across a variety of military and civilian contexts. It also evaluates the impact of cyber on control systems, leadership and decision making in the command and control environment.

Course syllabus:

  1. Cyberwarfare in Intelligence and Military Operations

  2. Foundations of Cyber

  3. Cyber Deception

  4. Cyber Law

  5. Information Operations

  6. Dissertation