Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure

Preparing city officials, agency staff and a new generation of students seeking to serve as cybersecurity consultants to understand, help prevent and manage cyberattacks on vulnerable communities across America. Critical urban infrastructure including energy, transportation, waste management, emergency service and communication systems are being hacked remotely by cyber attackers. Through a series of explanatory videos (prepared by industry experts), case studies of an actual attack, role play simulations and debriefings, and short assigned readings, you will learn what cities can and should do to reduce their vulnerabilities. The course also includes checklists of various kinds that cybersecurity vulnerability assessors need to ask and answer.

Course syllabus:

  1. Questions you need to ask to prepare a vulnerability assessment

  2. Ways to interact with public agency staff who might feel it is wrong to reveal evidence of a cyber attack

  3. The rules of confidentiality that apply to studying cybersecurity breaches

  4. The scale, scope and impact of cyber attacks that are already happening