Cyber Security Training – Online Course – CPDUK Accredited

Welcome to our Cyber Security online training course for all sectors. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK). Every organisation is responsible for ensuring cybersecurity. The ability to protect its information systems from impairment or even theft is essential to success. Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection; it will also increase efficiency and productivity. With our online Cyber Security training course, learners will understand the different types of malware, types of security breaches and develop effective prevention methods which will increase overall security. They will also understand the basic concepts associated with cybersecurity and what a company needs to stay secure.

Course syllabus:

  1. Getting Started

  2. Cybersecurity Fundamentals

  3. Types of Malware

  4. Cyber Security Breaches

  5. Types of Cyber Attacks

  6. Prevention Tips

  7. Mobile Protection

  8. Social Network Security

  9. Prevention Software

  10. Critical Cyber Threats

  11. Defense Against Hackers

  12. Wrapping Up